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So what have I been up to?
Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to…
I’ve only been to the “Home of Golf”!
Yes, that’s right I’ve been visiting St. Andrews, Scotland, the most iconic golfing destination in the world.
Now, I wasn’t just visiting and taking pictures, oh no!
I was there to take on the St. Andrews Old Course…
And I wasn’t taking on the challenge on my own, no, I was there with Papa Walton.
So was the drive worth it??
Abso – bloody – lutely!
It was a fantastic experience.
St. Andrews Old Course
Thursday August 14th
10.04am, M40 North, it’s tipping with rain.
12.08pm, M6 Toll Road North, it’s tipping with rain.
2.30pm, M6 Lake District, it’s tipping with rain.
5.35pm, M74 North, we’re in Scotland, it’s tipping with rain, oh and it’s thunder and lightning too!!!
Yes, the outlook for Friday’s golf was grim!
And Papa Walton was not feeling well, I needed him fit to take on the Old Course with me, things were not looking good!
Friday 15th August – 8.00am
The Sun is shining, it’s blue sky, it’s calm……. It’s a miracle!
We have a gorgeous full English at the Swilken Restaurant overlooking the Road Hole and stock up on calories ready for the challenge that faces us, all set!
We’re paired with Herman and Mike, two absolute gentlemen from Austin, Texas… It was going to be great fun, (but perhaps not quiet)!!
The introductions were nearly complete, just needed to meet the caddies.
Let me introduce you to Oliver Morovitz, my caddie for the day.
Now, Oliver is no ordinary Caddie, oh no…
Oliver, an American (but that doesn’t work against him at all!) is a Harvard University Graduate and published Author and if you click on the video, an all around great guy and now in his ninth season of caddying.
Oliver has written about his experiences caddying and had the book “An American Caddying in Scotland” published, here he is on American TV promoting his work.
So the scene is set, and here we are on the first Tee.
Papa Walton, now feeling quite poorly with a chest infection, tees one up and there is an almighty crack as he rips one long and straight, Oliver turns to me and says “Man, the guy can play!”
Now, my turn, 3 iron and I feel good over the ball, let’s go!
Then, not so much a crack, more a slap like a wet sponge being thrown against a wall…
Not the tee shot I dreamt of, oh well.
Now, the second shot, time to take a deep breath and relax.
Papa Walton has already hit a delicious iron shot over the Swilken Burn, centre of the green.
My second however, this time sounded like a wet sponge being dropped on the floor, went low and the only hope was that it would come up short of the burn, which…. it didn’t. Double bogey to start.
We move on, how can you get frustrated in this incredible environment??
Solid regulation pars at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and I feel a little more settled.
Lovely iron into the 5th and I finally do justice to Oliver’s reading of the greens, 1 shot back.
Then lovely second into the par 5 6th and how can you not enjoy a 2 putt birdie, another shot back.
Oliver’s advice is solid and I did as instructed on 7 and 8, two pars.
We come to the 347 yard 9th, good drive, good pitch, great read and the putt drops, another birdie.
However, Papa Walton is struggling, we get him a cup of tea!
Now, do not underestimate the power of a cup of tea!
Just as he was ready to call it a day and now he’s fit for the back nine!
The 340 yard 10th, good drive, good pitch, and another putt drops for another birdie, what fun!
Mike and Herman are having a blast, it’s a good times all round!
The 11th, 174 yards and the “shortest par 5 in Scotland”.
The pin is perched on the tiniest of platforms at the back of the green no bigger than a coffee table.
Myself and Oliver discuss.
The conclusion is a 6 iron and it’s struck lovely, 2 feet from the Pin and the putt is conceded, but everything will be holed out in this experience!! Another birdie.
Pars at 12,13,14,15 and 16 and we come to the most iconic tee shot in Golf, the 17th at St Andrews Old Course, the hole I was most looking forward to playing.
Now, the popular advice is to take your drive over the “O” in COURSE, just as I was instructed by Ollie, (by this stage I can call him Ollie!).


Oh no…… I took my ball over the “U”, yes that’s right the Tiger line.
Papa Walton had taken his drive left and cut it round…. sneaky!!
So here I am adjacent to Jiggers Inn with a 5 iron to the “Road Hole” green.
Now those cold beers looked good but there was still work to be done!
Solid 5 iron to the middle of the green and 2 putts for a regulation par and the memory bank was filling up.
Mike had it a cracking shot in, and holed the putt for a 3, high fives all round.
To the 18th.
So many times I’ve watched the Pro’s drive this green, but as I said to the guys, I’ve just turned 40, well 14 months ago!!
Good drive left me a nice pitch in.
Papa Walton hit a dream of a wedge which received a nice ripple of applause from the afternoon onlookers.
Mine was okay too and I was left with a nice 12 footer and Oliver was looking for “just one more birdie”.
Left lip was the instruction and it was a perfect read…
the putt dropped like a dream… another ripple from the crowd…
and there it was a 68 round the Old Course with a double bogey to start.
What a wonderful, wonderful experience!
Bring on The Open 2015.
So another week passes and I hope you have enjoyed more of my drivel.